The mysteries of the path of Initiation described and many other spiritual subjects that an Initiate must learn; if you wish to know what the path of total enlightenment entails, this is a great book that summarizes it and as always, a lot of emphasis is placed on the sexual alchemy and scientific chastity, which differs from abstinence. Abstinence without sublimation or transmutation is impossible, the human being is a sexual being and needs it for life; but there is no need to have orgasm.

A very interesting subject in this book is Doctor Samael Aun Weor's explanation of karma as a "business transaction," that is to say that we can make deals with the divinity as long as the karma is not classified as karmaduro, this type of karma must be executed until finalized and no deal can be made; but otherwise you can deal your karma with the Gods by making certain commitments in exchange for their favor, read the book for the details.


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